The home buying experience starts with getting pre-approved for a loan – how do you know what to look for if you don’t know what you can afford? Lending practices have changed vastly over the last few years and continue to evolve so if it’s been more than 6 months since you have met with a lender, it’s time to check in again.

Below are some of our client’s favorite lenders:

Dan Divine
Diversified Capital Funding
w 831-622-1187
m 650-208-1187
Dan is very proactive, detail-oriented and is a great communicator!

Rose Thomas
Land Home Financial Services, Inc
m 831-901-6597
Rose is very creative and can close deals other cannot!

Mike Boerlin
Blue Adobe Mortgage
w 831-626-2112
Customer service is excellent, he has an great team and he is very skilled at explaining the loan purchase process.

Richard Cornelsen
m 831-320-8143
Dick specializes in Reverse Mortgages which can be an excellent choice for the right client!